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Beehive Montessori ~ The Real Difference

Set amidst tall trees in a Kloof country garden, children chatter and play, their laughter mingling with birds singing and squeals of delight as they learn in a secure and fun environment.

Beehive Montessori Preschool was established in 1984, by Margaret Courtney, in response to a need for specialised pre-primary education and care, for children ages 2 to 6 years old.

Operating for 32 years, The Beehive Montessori Preschool is the most established Montessori centre in Kwa-Zulu Natal, with an impeccable reputation and hundreds of happy children with satisfied parents.

Staffed by six fully qualified Montessori teachers (Worker Bees), each responsible for their own class with a strictly controlled number of children, to ensure the best care is given to all, and allows for focused and individual attention, and the development of an intimate, trusting relationship between teacher and child.


Beehive Montessori(10)

Beehive Outdoor Facilities


Located in beautiful country suburbia, the Beehive centre comprises of a quaint, real children’s house, roomy classrooms, tuition areas and a library, all comprehensively equipped with specialised and authentic Montessori learning materials. In addition, extensive outdoor facilities have been installed to encourage healthy physical development and co-ordination. These facilities include various jungle gyms, swings, a trampoline and a tree house to inspire imagination and creative play.


Beehive Bunnies

The Beehive Bunny Enclosure


Nature is an important part of any child’s development and growth, especially to ensure a balanced and healthy perspective, and to stimulate their sensory learning. Our small farmyard is very popular, and the children experience holding and feeding our chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs, allowing the children to learn gentleness with small creatures, and cultivate an appreciation for all of nature. Our established garden includes a myriad of plants where colour, smell and touch are explored, and our vegetable garden teaches the children how things grow from seed to kitchen, ready to cook a delicious nutritious meal.

At the Beehive Montessori Preschool, we are committed to the proven and highly acclaimed Montessori principles of early education, that promote a child to realise their full potential in a caring and holistically stimulating environment.

Margaret, our principal, is a qualified, caring and nurturing role model for children and teachers, and imminently qualified. In addition to her pre-primary teaching qualifications, Margaret is a trained nursing sister and midwife, having trained at Oxford, in England, and is also a Montessori examiner. Margeret is also a loving wife and mother of six grown daughters, and grandmother of eight with another expected in March 2016.

Dr Montessori formulated her approach to education through her observation of the child. She believed that every child had a spontaneous urge to team, and the teacher’s task is to discover the true nature of each child, and then assist them to develop their full potential and prepare the child in all aspects of life.

The environment at Beehive, both indoors and outdoors, is carefully prepared so that each child can take from it what they need to learn and develop at their own pace, allowing them to choose the activities which interest them the most. This stimulates natural curiosity and a keen interest to learn, while children develop self-discipline, negating the need for motivation through punishments and rewards.

Each child is given the time they need to complete the tasks they choose, enhancing calm confidence through the knowledge that they will not be interrupted by someone else who needs their equipment, as although our Montessori equipment is very expensive, because of its fine quality and aesthetic appeal, we ensure that there is a variety of choice and quantity, by purchasing new stock for each year, and through each term if necessary. Assistance is always available if needed, however, in the unhurried environment we carefully provide, tasks can be completed successfully without pressure.

Please contact us if you have questions or require additional information.

We look forward to a happy association with you and your child.

Margaret Courtney



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