So much fun is always had at our school.
Learning through play is fundamental during these formative pre-school years
So much fun for our first day of spring 🌻🌼🌸🌹
We celebrated Mandela Day by making a South African flag with our children.
Dont our beautifully crafted Mandela Puppets look gorgeous?
We also ran a donation campaign of baby food.
We have so much fun at Beehive Montessori. Today we visited Spain and went to a bull fight
We went on an AMAZING adventure through the Amazon this week.
Our Honeybees learning and discovering through nature how to interact with other living animals. Our little people love searching for eggs that will be used in our baking lesson.
When we first had the idea to try and capture the magic that we saw everyday at Beehive, we never thought that a video would capture it so phenomenally well! Take a peek inside our wonderful world with our teachers, parents and children; and discover for yourself why we’ve been at the forefront of children’s education and been an integral part of our community for over 35 years!